Scam Alert: Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network does not ship Bulldogs anywhere, for any reason. We only facilitate adoptions in the USA.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Bulldog Rescue. Whether you decide to Adopt ~ Donate ~ Foster ~ Volunteer, there is a Rescue Bulldog that needs your help.

Our goal is to make the best rescue match taking into consideration the Rescue Bulldogs background and your family's needs. Every Rescue Bulldog is different: personality, temperament, energy, comfort with kids and other animals, medical needs and more. We take all these factors into consideration when making a forever-home match. We have been doing this a long time and we take our responsibility of finding forever homes for Rescue Bulldogs very seriously.

If you are ready to submit your adoption application, please complete the Adopt A Bulldog Application. A Bulldog Rescue Network volunteer will review your application. This process can take some time, and not every home is a suitable home for a Bulldog. Our Mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-Home Bulldogs and we are very dedicated to that objective.

To get to know the Rescue Bulldogs waiting to be adopted click on the Available Bulldogs.

Save a bulldog by volunteering with your local Bulldog Rescue Network group! Most have events and fundraisers where you can meet the volunteers and the Bulldogs. You can find contact information for Bulldog Rescue Network Members.

Donate! Our major cost is veterinary care, so please consider donating to help Rescue Bulldogs while we find their forever home.

For stories that are sure to make you smile, check out Happy Tails to read about Rescue Bulldogs in their new homes.

Check out the FAQs for additional information.

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