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Brownie is a 2 year old, intact female. She was surrendered by someone (Back yard breeder) trying to breed her. Brownie developed a “mass” on the left side of her face at 6 months old. When taken to the vet they drained it and it came right back, instead of finding out the cause of this they just got frustrated and kicked her outside so they did not have to look at it. During the hottest part of the summer as she was struggling with the heat they called to surrender her.

On the day we got Brownie we had to rush her straight to an Emergency Animal Hospital where they performed lifesaving treatment for heat stroke. We were very lucky that she made it. After seeing a soft tissue specialist along with some medical testing and a MRI, the diagnosis for Brownie was a ceroma. Brownie went into surgery where it took 6 hours under anesthesia to remove the ceroma. We were very nervous and terrified but she did exceptionally well. The hardest part was getting the skin planes to adhere back together and not allowing any fluid to settle back into that cavity.

Brownie remained at the Animal & Emergency & Specialty clinic for over 2 months so they could keep a close eye on her progress and treat any complications. Near the completion of her recovery (months later) Brownie went into her heat cycle. She was spayed December 17, 2014 and moved to her forever home on January 5, 2015. I cannot thank the Bulldog Rescue Network enough for allowing a grant to help us to help Brownie. She is young, full of love and a very funny girl, who will have a great healthy life all the while adding love and joy to her adoptive humans.




Kodie Burgess - CEO & Founder
Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue
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