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In April of 2014 I received a call from the Philadelphia SPCA asking if we would take a male bulldog into our rescue program.

McLovin “Mick” was an approximately 5 year old male bulldog that had been at the Philadelphia SPCA since March of 2013.  Mick, along with a younger female bulldog Bea and several other dogs (of other breeds) had been seized from an owner in Philadelphia. Bea was not spayed and was sent to foster care in PA to a family. The family had Bea spayed and adopted her.

The shelter said Mick was kept there because he needed extensive medical treatment and the case against his owner was still being processed but at this time he was releasable to rescue. The shelter indicated to me that he needed to be neutered, double entropion, tail amputation, possible palate, possible double TECA and possibly luxating patella.

Mick was released to my volunteer on April 24th and was immediately treated that day at Richmond Valley Veterinarian by Dr. Jason Schull.   Mick was schedule for neuter, tail and eyes for May 8th.  The day of his surgery I received a call from Dr. Schull, he had found a mass on Mick’s spleen and suggested a splenectomy and biopsy of the mass.  I made the decision to go forward with that and Dr. Schull was able to neuter him also.

The biopsy came back as a fatty tumor and Mick then went into surgery on May 27th where we had his nasal passages widened, his tail amputated and his double entropion.  Mick was recovering at his foster home with a family that is very bulldog knowledgeable.  On June 11, Mick went back to Richmond Valley Vet as his tail area needed to be flushed and the incision cleaned.  Dr. Schull did a culture of the liquid and it was determined Mick tested for a low level of MRSA and e-coli bacteria.  His foster family was given injectable medication to treat the virus. After 2 weeks the infection was cleared.

Dr. Schull along with the foster family were able to get his ears under control therefore Dr. Schull felt the double TECA would not be beneficial.  Dr. Schull also suggested that in the future he may benefit from a consult with an orthopedic surgeon.

Shortly after Mick came to us, I received a call from the family that had adopted Bea, asking if they would be considered to adopt Mick when he was medically cleared.  Mick and Bea had been together previously and we all agreed it would be wonderful if we could reunite them again. 

Mick was adopted on June 24 and reunited with Bea.  His new family said they are both doing wonderful together.

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