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The BCA Rescue Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization with IRS 501c)3) status. We have many volunteers nationwide who love the Bulldog breed and are dedicated to its continued well-being. The volunteers find new homes for more than 1600 Bulldogs each year. Many thousands of dollars are spent to provide medical care, food, shelter, and training while the rescued Bulldogs are awaiting adoption.

If you want to help the Bulldogs waiting for adoption, you can make a donation to help pay the vet bills. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Rescue Objectives

The BCA Rescue Network is composed of volunteers who are working toward these objectives:

  • To accept Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them and find responsible, stable, loving new homes for them.

  • To rehabilitate Bulldogs before placement by providing necessary medical treatment and training to increase the chances of successful placement.

  • To help reduce the population of unwanted pets by ensuring that all rescued Bulldogs are spayed/neutered before being placed.

  • To screen applicants thoroughly before making placement decisions.

  • To inform prospective adopters about the rescue program and the requirements for taking care of Bulldogs.

Please note that the BCA Rescue Network rescues only the purebred Bulldogs sometimes referred to as "English" or "British" Bulldogs. The AKC breed name is just "Bulldog". There are other web sites and phone listings for organizations that rescue other bull-breeds. Click here for pointers on identifying different bull-breeds.

Surrendering a Bulldog

Do you have, or know of, a Bulldog that needs a new home?

If so, please contact the BCA Rescue Network member nearest you to discuss how we can help. To find a BCA Rescue Network member in your area, please visit the BCA Rescue Network Roster.

Types of Dogs Generally Available

Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost, abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or surrendered to rescue every year. This is the price of popularity. (The Bulldog is among the 10 most popular AKC breeds.) Buyers are intrigued by the Bulldog's many charms, only later to discover the special care that may come with their wrinkles, "pushed in" faces, unusual structure, and, in some cases, genetic faults from irresponsible breeding.

Bulldogs that come through the rescue program are seldom in "perfect" condition in terms of health, temperament or both. Frequently, it is health and/or behavior problems that cause the owners to give up the dog.

We do not usually get puppies in rescue! The average age of rescue Bulldogs is about four or five, and few Bulldogs are ever surrendered to rescue under the age of three.

For more information about what to expect from a rescued Bulldog, please see Breed Information.

Waiting Time to Get a Bulldog

Your wait for a rescued Bulldog can be as short as two weeks to as much as five years.

Dogs are placed according to the type of home best suited to their needs. If you are not able or willing to deal with a not-so-perfect Bulldog, your wait may be a long one. Many rescued Bulldogs are dog aggressive and have trust issues. Some are not suitable for placing with children. Rarely does a happy, well-adjusted Bulldog end up in our care. If you are not committed to deal with housebreaking issues in an adult dog or to provide obedience training, you may not really want to take on a rescued Bulldog.

Placement decisions are made by local BCA Rescue Network volunteers. Most volunteers will place dogs only within a reasonable distance of their own locations.