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Status: Available
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Location: St. Louis, MO

Reason given up for adoption: Dumped by the side of a road in Springfield MO
Temperament: Excellent
Health Condition: Great, except Orthopedic issues
Placement Limitations: No steps
Special Needs: No

9/19/18- Mimi requires a house with minimal stairs and carpet throughout. If your house has wood or tile as the primary flooring- do not apply! This will become more of a benefit for her as she ages. With her orthopedic issues having the extra traction the carpet will provide will help her immensely. The adult members of the family will also need to be able to carry 40lbs with ease.
4/4/18 MIMI UPDATE: Mimi is ready to entertain applications for her forever home! Her walking is very hard to watch, but for her it is pain free. She would really like a Daddy who likes to carry her around! She would also like a dog or dogs who are not too large who would like to romp with her for short bouts of play. Please have an application on file before contacting us about MiMi. We adopt within an hour of St. Louis.

*************************************************Mimi is a darling little 34 lb Bulldog princess. She has genetic deformity in her front legs and her left leg appears to have been injured also. She could not walk effectively.

She has had her first surgery 2 weeks ago. A wedge shaped potion of the bones above her wrist was removed, and the foot was straightened and the whole leg was pinned. She is walking better, but we will know more when the pins are removed in 6 to ten weeks. She may need to have her elbow fused also. Mimi will probably have 3 or 4 surgeries total.

Mimi is a darling little Bulldog. She loves her foster Dad, and likes her foster Mom! she gets along with the other special needs females in the foster home.

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