Scam Alert: Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network does not ship Bulldogs anywhere, for any reason. We only facilitate adoptions in the USA and Canada.


We know you may have a lot of questions, We try to answer as many as possible. If you do not see your questions answered, feel free to contact us.


What is Bulldog Rescue Network?

The Bulldog Rescue Network is an affiliation of English Bulldog rescue organizations and volunteers across the United States. All of our volunteers help to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome English Bulldogs. Some of the volunteers are members of larger 501(c)(3) groups, some are members of smaller groups, and some are individuals. All Bulldog rescue network volunteers operate under a set of guidelines from the national Bulldog Rescue organization. Bulldog Rescue Network helps over 2,000 Bulldogs per year! They are all volunteers, and do not have a payroll.

What is the Mission?

To Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Purebred Bulldogs (often known as English Bulldogs).

Where do the Rescue Bulldogs come from?

The Bulldog Rescue Network volunteers take Rescue Bulldogs from owners who can no longer care for them, Bulldogs whose owners have died or become ill, owners who have had life changing events such as divorce or job loss. Rescue Bulldogs may also be rescued from shelters, recovered by law enforcement during cruelty investigations and many other sources.

Do you have a Shelter?

No. The Bulldog Rescue Network is comprised of volunteers and foster homes. Together they care for the Rescue Bulldogs and observe their behavior in a family situation.

Where are the Rescue Bulldogs?

We have a network of foster homes that are well trained and are committed to the care and medical attention a Rescue Bulldog may need until they are adopted.


What is fostering?

Foster families are the heart of the Bulldog Rescue Network. The foster family takes a Rescue Bulldog into their home, feeds, cares for, observes and loves the Rescue Bulldog as part of their family. Often the foster family cares for the Rescue Bulldog after surgery such as spaying and neutering. Some foster Rescue Bulldogs require additional care such as medicated baths, eye drops, ear flushing, etc. The Rescue Group pays for veterinarian care. The foster family generally pays for food. Some foster families help transport the Rescue Bulldog to veterinarian appointments. The foster family helps determine what type of long-term home would be the best fit for the Rescue bulldog.

How do I become a foster home?

First step is to fill out the Foster Application. We will retain your information on file and when a Rescue Bulldog in your area needs a foster home that matches your situation a Bulldog Rescue Volunteer will contact you. As part of the foster home application process a Bulldog Rescue Volunteer will conduct a phone interview with you, check references and visit your home for an on-site home check before placing a Rescue Bulldog in your home for fostering,


I have been fostering a Rescue Bulldog and I love him. Can I adopt him?

Check with your Bulldog Rescue Volunteer! Usually foster families can adopt the Rescue Bulldog they are fostering.

What veterinary care do Rescue Bulldogs receive before adoption?

Before being available for adoption all Rescue Bulldogs are examined by a veterinarian and observed by their foster family to ensure the best match with an adoptive family. Rescue Bulldogs are checked by a veterinarian, are up to date on vaccinations, have been tested for heartworm disease, are spayed or neutered, and have had any other medical procedures that the Rescue Bulldog requires before adoption. The Rescue Bulldogs are also micro-chipped and the microchip is registered to the Rescue Volunteer. All Rescue Bulldogs require regular grooming and wellness care such as cleaning the face folds and ears, toe nail trims, brushing their teeth etc. It is important to note that each dog is an individual and has individual requirements. Some Rescue Bulldogs will require special ongoing care after adoption such as eye drops for dry eye, grain free food for allergies, and other special health requirements. The needs of a Rescue Bulldog will be discussed in detail during the adoption process.

Do you adopt to homes with children?

It depends on the individual Rescue Bulldog. Generally, we will not adopt to homes with children under the age of eight. We may consider an adoptive home with younger children if the Rescue Bulldog came from a home with young children and is known to be comfortable around them. Our first concern is the safety and happiness of the Rescue Bulldog, and the safety of the children in the home. Children as well as other consideration are a significant part of finding the right adoptive match.

Do you adopt to homes with other dogs or cats?

We assess each Rescue Bulldog individually. Some Rescue Bulldogs are surrendered because they do not do well with another pet in the home. Whereas other Bulldogs get along fine with other dogs or pets. This is determined on a case-by-case basis and this is why foster families are so important to rehabilitating and rehoming Rescue Bulldogs.

Do you have puppies available for adoption?

We rarely get puppies into rescue unless they have serious medical conditions. The average age of Rescue Bulldogs is 4 to 6 years old.

How much does it cost to adopt a Rescue Bulldog?

The adoption fee varies based upon the age, health, and special needs of the individual Rescue Bulldog. The average adoption fee is between $450 and $800. Adoption fees help to pay for the medical care of the many Rescue Bulldogs we help each year. Many Rescue Bulldogs have medical bills far exceeding their adoption fee or the normal spay or neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test and microchip costs. These medical bills are for necessary surgeries such as palate resection, entropion surgery, dental work, tail amputation, heartworm treatment or allergy tests and assessments.

I would like to adopt a Rescued Bulldog. How do I apply to adopt?

The first step is to fill out the Adopt a Bulldog application and email the Bulldog Rescue Member closest to you  to let them know you completed the application and you wish to adopt. An in-person home check of potential adoptees is a requirement and therefore most Rescue Members will only adopt within a specific distance i.e. 100 miles or one hour from their location. Additionally, if there is a problem and you need assistance with your Rescue Bulldog we want to be able to provide assistance to you quickly.

What if there is no Bulldog Rescue Member near me?

You can check Petfinder and AdoptaPet to see if another rescue organization has a Bulldog available for adoption. We do not ship dogs or transport dogs.

What is a waiting time for Rescue Bulldog?

It really depends upon what dogs are in rescue and what your ideal Rescue Bulldog match is based on your home situation i.e. children, other pets etc.. Each Rescue Bulldog is an individual and has individual requirements. The wait time can be one month or over a year.

I really want a puppy. Can you help me?

THE BULLDOG CLUB OF AMERICA has a breeder referral service. Most Bulldog Rescue Volunteers know who the reputable breeders are in their area. Be patient! Most good breeders do not have puppies available all the time. Here is a video that gives some good information on getting a Bulldog puppy. If you decided to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder we encourage you to get involved with Bulldog Rescue and help the breed you love.

I want to give someone a Bulldog as a gift.

We do not adopt Rescue Bulldogs as gifts or during the holidays. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment and it is critical that we meet with the individuals wishing to adopt the Rescue Bulldog.  The decision to not adopt Rescue Bulldogs during the holidays it because the holidays can be a busy, sometimes stressful time for the family and is not a good time to bring a Rescue Bulldog into the home.

Surrender a Bulldog

My Bulldog needs a new home. What do I do?

First, find the Bulldog Rescue Network Member near you. Contact them and fill out the Bulldog Questionnaire. Gather your Bulldog’s registration papers, vet records and pictures to email the volunteer. There is sometimes a wait for a foster home to be available. NOTE: Bulldog Rescue Members can only take in English Bulldogs. They cannot take a Bulldog with a history of aggression towards humans or a bite history. When you surrender the Bulldog you will sign a Surrender Form. It is at the Bulldog Rescue Volunteer’s discretion whether or not to accept any Bulldog into the rescue program.


I can’t foster but would love to help your Bulldogs.

Thank you, we always need Volunteers. As a Volunteer you will meet some wonderful people and feel good about helping a Bulldog in need. To get started, please contact the Bulldog Rescue Member nearest to you. We need help in many areas such as helping at events, writing thank you notes, preparing newsletters, public advocacy and outreach, transportation, to technical skills such as accounting, graphic design, public relations and grant writing just to name a few! This is volunteer work and there is no monetary compensation. Your heart will be filled with a sense of doing something good and the Rescue Bulldog will thank you. Volunteer today!

How do you use the money donated to Bulldog Rescue Network?

We are an all volunteer organization and we do not have a payroll. No one receives compensation for the work they do, we all give our time and resources to help Bulldogs in need.

Donations fund several initiatives:

  1. Medical Grants for expensive surgeries for Rescue Bulldogs
  2. Disaster Grants for when we receive a high number of Rescue Bulldogs in a short period of time. This happens when there is a disaster in a community or a puppy-mill is busted by authorities.
  3. Start-up Grants to help new Bulldog Rescue Volunteers get started. Unfortunately, we do not have rescue volunteers throughout the USA and sometimes we don’t have resources to help a Bulldog in need. Start-up Grants help us increase our Rescue Volunteer coverage.
  4. Thumper Fund. This is a special fund to help Bulldog owners pay for a surgical procedure that is beyond their ability and resources, such as ACL surgery or internal tail amputation. This is a very special fund with limited resources that keeps a Bulldog in his home, with his family. These Bulldogs have families that care for their Bulldog, but have limited funds for a major, unexpected surgical requirement.
  5. Cruelty and large scale rescues of Bulldogs by Bulldog Rescue Network Volunteers
  6. Ongoing support for fundraising, marketing, business and medical advice to Bulldog Rescue Network Volunteers
  7. National Website
  8. National Database of Rescue Bulldogs, fosters and adopters
  9. National Newsletter for Bulldog Rescue Volunteers
  10. National Newsletter for Bulldog Rescue Supporters

Is my donation tax deductible?

We are an IRS 501 (c)(3) public charity and all donations are deductible as allowed by law.

I want to help a Bulldog in need. How do I donate money?

Thank you for considering a donation to Bulldog Rescue. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a reoccurring monthly donation we have options to make it easy for you. Please donate by using our PayPal link or by sending a check. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

1) Donate via PayPal:  

2) Mail a check to:

Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network
Nancy Bullock, Treasurer
PO Box 16
New Melle MO 63365

How do I donate stocks or securities to help Rescue Bulldogs?

We are grateful for any and all donations and are set-up to receive stock and securities as donations. Please contact Diana Engeszer, President Bulldog Rescue, or phone toll free 833-223-3833 or Nancy Bullock, Treasurer Bulldog Rescue via email at

How do I leave something for the Rescue Bulldogs in my will?

What a wonderful gift to remember Rescue Bulldogs as part of your lasting legacy. Please contact Diana Engeszer, President Bulldog Rescue, or phone toll free 833-223-3833, or Nancy Bullock, Treasurer Bulldog Rescue via email at

Without your help, we could not help the Bulldogs! Thank you!

Do you have any Logo Merchandise for sale?

Of course we do! You can get your swag at We have everything you need to help support Rescue Bulldogs in style including hats, cups, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and other items with the Bulldog Rescue Network Logo here.


Our goal is to make the best rescue match taking into consideration the Rescue Bulldogs background and your family’s needs. Every Rescue Bulldog is special and we can’t wait for a forever-home match.


Foster families are the heart of Bulldog Rescue. The foster family takes a Rescue Bulldog into their home, feeds, cares for, observes and loves the Rescue Bulldog as part of their family.


Foster families are the heart of Bulldog Rescue. The foster family takes a Rescue Bulldog into their home, feeds, cares for, observes and loves the Rescue Bulldog as part of their family.