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How You Can Help With Bulldog Rescue
It takes a lot of time and love to take in, take care of, and find homes for, almost 2000 Bulldogs per year. More help is always needed to accomplish this!

We know that not everyone can (or should) make the commitment to provide the full range of rescue services (providing foster care, screening applicants, doing home inspections, making placement decisions, and so on). However, there are many other ways Bulldog lovers can help the rescue cause.

Please contact your local BCA rescue group to volunteer your help. If you don't know the rescue contact for your area, please check the BCA Rescue Roster

Here are a few ideas:

Give money or tangible items:
  • Make tax-deductible donations by check or by credit card.
  • Donate food, medications, equipment and supplies.
  • Donate items for raffles, yard sales, Silent Auctions, etc.
Give your time:
  • Organize or help with fund-raising events.
  • Provide temporary housing for rescued Bulldogs, even if only overnight in an emergency.
  • Pick up dogs from shelters and transport them to the foster home or the vet.
  • Give baths and toenail clips to Bulldogs in foster care.
  • Help foster caretakers socialize and train rescued dogs.
Reach out to others:
  • Give advice to current Bulldog owners to help them keep the Bulldog instead of giving the Bulldog to rescue.
  • Tell people about the BCA Rescue Network and encourage them to adopt rescued dogs.
  • Post rescue flyers or business cards at vets offices, animal shelters, pet supply stores, and other places dog lovers visit.
  • Go with rescuers to "rescue days" at pet stores, vets offices, etc. to publicize rescue and talk to prospective adopters.
  • Educate people about the importance of buying puppies only from reputable breeders who observe the BCA Code of Ethics.
  • Tell everyone you know never to buy puppies from casual breeders, pet stores or puppy mills.
Make it happen:

Contact your local BCA rescue group to volunteer your help.

If you don't know the rescue contact for your area, please check the BCA Rescue Roster

Current Volunteers:
Please print and sign the Hold Harmless Agreement (PDF) and send it by mail or FAX or deliver in person to the BCA Rescue Network representative you are working with to save the Bulldogs.