1. In the Content Module page list, find "Memorials" under "How to Help".
  2. Click the Memorials page in the list, then click the "Add Page" button at the top of the list. This creates a new page to build the new memorial.
  3. Build the new memorial page. This will likely include:
    1. Set the Title for the page to be the dog's name
    2. Attach the image for the dog using the [Insert/Edit Image] Icon (looks like a tree). Before you upload, make sure your photo is less than 512 pixels square. You may need to use an image editing tool to resize the image and resave it. Make sure it's a JPEG image.
    3. Paste in the memorial text.
  4. When you are done, publish the new page. Note the 'key' (just under the page title) that is used for the page.
  5. Find the new page at the bottom of the list. Use the green arrows to drag it to the top of the list, the Save and Publish again. This will position the new memorial as the first in the list.
  6. Click the "Memorials" page in the list again. You shoold see the individual dog thumbnail images.
  7. Find and click the last icon in the second row of the editor controls: [HTML]
  8. A new window will open, with the raw HTML code used for this page
  9. It looks like a mess. It's OK.
  10. Scroll to the top of the page, and find this comment:
    Under this line, paste the following text:
    <a href="how-to-help/memorials/{{PAGE KEY}}.php">
    <img src="tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/imagemanager/files/{{IMAGE FILE NAME}}" alt="{{DOG NAME}}" />
    <span>{{DOG NAME}}</span>
  11. In the code you just pasted:
    1. Replace {{PAGE KEY}} with the 'Key' value for the new memorial page you made.
    2. Replace {{IMAGE FILE NAME}} with the name of the image file you uploaded when you made the memorial.
    3. Replace {{DOG NAME}} With the name of the dog. (Two places.)
  12. Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the popup window. The popup will close.
  13. Save and Publish the "Memorial" page. Your new memorial shoold show up as first dog in the list.