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Winston4/15/2006 - 8/19/2011


Winston aka Jammy aka the Jam aka Chill

In loving memory of the great Winston; you truly were a part of the family in every way.

Despite all the health issues you had over your life, you were worth every penny spent on your many surgeries and medicines, toys, clothes and games. We will miss taking you on more family vacations, lounging around the house with you, and most importantly growing older with Liam and Turner. You were always constant entertainment and never a burden.

Everyone always told us that you were lucky to have us, but we were so lucky to have you and so grateful we went against our initial Vet's recommendation of giving you back due to your heart ailment. She said she would be surprised if you lived past a year and you made it all the way to 5 1/2.

We are always thinking about you and will continue to remember you and keep your memories with Liam and Turner.

Kevin, Jenny, Liam and Turner