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RemoFebruary 21, 1997 - January 21, 2009


You were just 3 months old when Anthony brought you home and into our lives. You were so damn cute and a personality to match. Your stubborness didn’t allow us to train you, but you did a great job at training all of us. And over the years you never let us forget that you came first. We loved you so much, in fact you came first all the time and in turn you showered us with so much love and affection. We spoiled you rotten and you knew it. You lived an amazing life and as Anthony said….”Mom, I think Remo lives better than some humans.” You were not our pet but our baby boy and for those people who passed remarks like “he’s just a dog” that’s because they weren’t blessed the way we were to have you.

We miss you Remo, Anthony and I still hurt badly. Things will never be the same in this house without you especially coming home, there’s no need to hurry home or run up the steps anymore because you won’t be there waiting behind the door to greet us with your little dance or to bring us your bone just because you were so glad to see us. I even miss those silent, deadly bombs that sent us all running for our lives while watching TV. Let’s not forget when you took down our friend’s leather handbag from the couch and we found you silently chewing it to pieces.

No words can describe the pain and emptiness you have left us with. For a Bulldog you lived a full life, but we could never be prepared for you to leave us. That fateful day you even waited for me to get up out of bed and lay down next to you before saying your final goodbye. You left like a champ! Your handsome, peaceful face told me that you died a happy bullie and for that I’m greatful. Frankie and Roberto miss you terribly. They say It’s not fun coming over anymore without you here.

We love you Mammuzza, no one will ever take your place, only now you live within our hearts for as long as we shall live.

Rest in Peace my baby!

Mom and Anthony