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MudslingerOctober 6, 2008 – December 21, 2011


Dear Mudslinger,

Words can not begin to describe how much we miss you. Your departure came as such a shock to us. We were looking forward to so many more years with you. Although you were only with us for 3 short years, you blessed us and taught us so much about life. We miss your laid back attitude and how you NEVER got in a hurry for anything. Every time we see the dancing hamsters on the Kia commercial we can’t help but think of you – with your little short legs, chubby belly and laid back personality. You would always hang back and let your bully brother, Michelin, be first in line for everything. The two of you were the best of friends. We miss coming to wake the two of you up each morning, finding you all snuggled up together and you using Michelin as a pillow. Michelin misses all the playing the two of you did and how he would always “steal” whatever toy you were playing with. But don’t worry; he does his fair share of playing “keep away” with us still. We love you and think of you daily. We know you are having lots of fun and being taken good care of by your big brother, Spike, at Rainbow Bridge.

We love you Slings – Our baby bull bear!!

With much love,
Mom, Dad (Michelle & Shane), Landri & Michelin