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MacJune 4, 2004 – March 24, 2009


My Mac, my Mac-key, my pudding noodle, my Mac-Daddy, you were a true gift. When I met you, you were in need of someone who would love all 59 pounds of you. At two years old, you were the perfect “puppy” for me. You turned me into a true dog lover. You were there for me when I needed someone so I knew that I would always be there for you. Your completely, unexpected passing was heartbreaking. It seems that your heart stopped working, while you were sleeping. I attribute it to the fact that you had some much love to give, that your heart just could not take it. I miss your slobber, you sitting on my lap, your welcoming look on your face when I would get home. I miss your adorable “sigh”, when you would take a deep breath in and then blow it out, your bottom lip, flapping. You were my baby and I know that you are being taken care of in heaven. I can’t wait to see you again. I love you Mac! And miss you with all my heart!

Your Mommy, Molly