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Lilly2/1/97 - 4/10/08


Lilly, aka Lilly Bulldog, aka Houndsy-Hound, aka Bulldogger

Lilly was such a great dog. When we first got her over four years ago, she was shy and overweight. Well, she lost the shyness and became quite svelte! She loved going on walks, which helped with her weight loss. We would walk at a sedate pace, so slowly that I could read to her as we walked. She liked meeting people and other dogs on her walk. Sometimes, people would stop their cars and ask if they could get out and pet Lilly.

Lilly was also a very social dog. Although she had many bones out all day, she usually only chewed them when we were home. She also loved to entertain. She always knew when we were having people over and would bring out her bones to show off. Also, if she ever went to anyone’s home for cocktails or dinner, she remembered and wanted to go again. She would even stop in front of people’s doors and look at us, asking in her bulldog-way why weren’t stopping by for another visit.

She was my helper when I cut up strawberries or watermelon, testing to see whether they were tasty. She always knew when we were eating an apple and would insist upon some herself. She also loved pizza crust. In fact, the only two foods she did not like were lettuce and figs. She would nudge us with her tooth if we were eating something that she thought she might like to taste. She was nearly blind and would also nudge one of us when we were walking and it was dark, just so that she knew where we were.

In addition to being fond of other dogs and cats, she was very good with children. She protected our young nieces from monsters and burglars and also did not let strangers approach them. One young boy who was afraid of dogs told us that Lilly was the only animal that he ever loved.

Lilly brought much joy, humor and love into our lives. We will both really, really miss our friend and companion.

Tim and Dianne