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JackieJackie (Mack),

The day you came into my life, I thought, this puppy is sooooooo stubborn! She isn't going to be the boss here, boy was I ever wrong about that. Nobody, no other dogs, friends, family, ever came between me and my Jackie. You were my light during some really dark moments during our ten years of companionship. You saved me in more ways than you will ever know. I never have had a best friend like you. My heart is breaking daily with your absence.

People always would say how lucky you were to have me to cover your vet bills, medication, surgeries, food, etc…but I wouldn't take any of my life savings back if it meant I couldn't have had you by my side everyday for those 10 years, I was the lucky one in this relationship. You were my little powerhouse, security, and boooodawg. You knew how much I needed you and how I lived daily to hear your snorts, have you sneeze in my face, laugh at you when you tried to make me smile, snuggled with you when I was sad, massaged and scratched your back, talked for you, watched you scoop up the snow, or dive into water like you wouldn't sink like a rock :), but my favorite memory was your paw that you would place on my leg every single morning after I cleaned out your eyes, I know you were saying,"get out there mum and lets rule the world, I have your back", boooodawg. I miss those moments every morning.

I will miss you everyday for the rest of my life, thank you for being my rock and for hanging on until your little bulldog body was just too tired to go on anymore, I know your spirit is still with me. I love you Jackie, You were the best thing in my life for these past 10 years, (and everybody knew it too) thank you for your loyalty, love, and devotion.

You were my girl, and I miss you dearly.