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Diamond Spike

Diamond SpikeMarch 22, 1997 – May 23, 2008


Dear Spike -
Our best friend and baby bull,
Words can not begin to describe the void and emptiness you have left in our hearts. You were our world. You were our first bullie and we couldn’t have picked a better one. As you grew with us, you taught us so much about life. You changed us in ways we never thought possible. Everywhere we go, every animal we see somehow reminds us of you. The house seems so lonely now. You were always there to greet us as we came home, doing your little “dance,” wiggling your whole body to let us know how happy you were to see us. Anytime someone came to visit, you had to make sure you were the first to get attention. Once they acknowledged you, straight to your back you went, exposing your stomach so you could get a belly rub.
We miss everything about you – the way your face would light up every morning & night as we gave you your Little Debbie’s snack, the way you always had to be so close to us; practically in our laps, and yes, we even miss the 2 am wake-up calls to go outside. When we were down, you were the only one who could cheer us up and make us forget about everything else. You were our big baby and you left us way too soon. Although we knew you were getting older, we weren’t prepared for you to leave us. We love and miss you so much.
You are in our thoughts daily and we look forward to the day we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

We love you, Big Guy – You’re the BEST!!

With much love,
Mom & Dad
(Michelle & Shane)