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Daisy12/27/02 - 11/25/11


Daisy, DaisyDog, Miss Daisy, Daisy Mae, Wiggle Butt, Piggy, DPP, Sugar, Baby Girl

Dear Daisy,

We miss you so very much. For years we dreaded knowing that one day you would be gone but we couldn't have fathomed just how devastated we would be when we lost you.

"Funny" is a word often used to describe you and it certainly is appropriate. You were a very silly dog & there were few people we encountered over the years who didn't appreciate that about you. You were loved by your family, human friends (it was a shame that so few dogs could handle your bulldozer-playing style), and everyone at the vet hospital.

A few of the many things we miss about you:

  • Your tongue - it was so awesome that you had to show it off 98% of the time. When we had your professional photos taken & the assistant kept trying to push your tongue in your mouth, we told her no one would recognize you without your tongue sticking out.
  • "Nursing" on your Froggy. We never tired of watching or listening to you.
  • Your snoring & snorfling; your loud belches & room-clearing toots; your drooling & goobers.
  • Giving Daddy "sugar" at bedtime. You sure loved to give him kisses after he washed his face.
  • Seeing how excited you'd get when we said "Daisy, who's here?!" We loved to watch your butt wiggle & your little stump go a million miles while you looked about.

You were so full of love that it seems fitting that having too large of a heart would get you in the end. Heartbreaking and devastating but not surprising.

Daisy, you filled our lives with so much joy. We are very lonely without you.

We will love you forever, Baby Girl.