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Dear Sweet, Sweet Daisy,
Your time with us was way too short. You were such a loving pup and we know that you would have been a great playmate to baby Ava. We are so sad that you passed away so early on in Ava's life as we know that you two could have been great play pals! It was adorable how proud you were to walk by her stroller through the neighborhood just like you were showing off your own baby! We like to think that you are her guardian angel looking down and watching out for her. Daisy, we were always so proud to walk with you through the neighborhood. You were every human's friend and you brightened everyone's day. A statue now marks your favorite spot in front of the window -- a pleasant reminder of the faithful watchdog you were.

Thanks for all the smiles and laughs that you brought to your dad and me -- you will always be our first "baby".
Love to you always sweet baby Dais
Lindsey and Gary