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BabeAdopted 2004 - 1/3/13


Babe, you came into my life April of 2004 and I had no idea how much you changed my life. You were a rescue that rescued me!

You had such a loving disposition and you were so friendly to every 2-legged and 4-legged creature you encountered. You never barked except in your doggie dreams. You always greeted me with joyful wiggles.

You were also the little diva – begging for a boost up on the sofa in need of beauty sleep; and you wouldn’t give up until I gave in. You also had no problem reminding me of doggy snack time – checking the dog dish every 3 minutes and looking at me for assistance. You also loved the snow, hopping around and digging your nose thru it - such a happy girl.

As time went on your health issues made it difficult to go for walks. You had been diagnosed with heart problems and we were told you had only a few months to live. Well, you beat the odds and lived two more years.

Now,you are gone and I miss you. I miss hearing you snort as you moved around the house; and that loving spray of snot I’d receive in return when I kissed you on the cheek. I know we will reunite one day at Rainbow Bridge.

Love you, Mom.