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AgnesAgnes was one of a kind. Even as a puppy, we knew we had a special dog on our hands. She had more love, personality and kindness than you would think could fit into her tiny body, (maybe that's why she was so heavy). Although she was surrounded by male dogs, our little girl held her own just fine as she was about as Alpha as they come. She was ready to play at a moment's notice, ready to snuggle when you were sad and wanting to just be there all the time. We were so lucky to have her choose us as her Mommy & Daddy.

Agnes was remarkably tough, and would do anything she could to hide her pain and discomfort. Within 24 hours of her first surgery, she was running around and playing as if nothing had happened. Recently she had torn her meniscus and CCL and refused to limp or even slow down. No specialist even knew how extensive the damage was until her surgeon was able to see it first hand. Agnes would never let a little thing like pain get in the way of enjoying life. Within a few days of that very invasive procedure, you wouldn't have known anything was wrong.

Agnes LOVED walks, we are pretty sure that she thought that everyone was out and about to see her and give her love. She wasn't far off. Our favorite part about taking her on walks was to watch how her goofy, friendly, unique yet beautiful bulldog face made people smile as they were passing by. Agnes was a social butterfly and made friends just about everywhere she went. She was the talk of the town, and she knew it.

Even more than walks, Agnes loved us. Anytime we came home she would run to the door and just about knock us over (even if we were just going to get the mail). She was our shadow and she would follow us from room to room just to stay close. To our young son, Agnes was his best friend, and his jungle gym. She helped teach him how to stand and walk. He would poke, prod and pull her in every which way, and she just sat there patiently, loving every second of it. If she ever sensed he was in any kind of danger, she was on the front lines ready to do whatever it would take to protect him.

There is so much we will miss about Agnes: The big things, the little things, the fun things, the lazy things; even the messy, smelly things. She was so special in so many ways, it seems unfair to try to summarize it with a few paragraphs. Agnes was taken from us too sudden and too early. As painful as losing her has been we wouldn't take back the past 6 and 1/2 years of our lives for anything. We love you Agnes, you enriched our lives in so many ways, and redefined the term, "unconditional love." There is no way we will ever forget you and we will look forward to having you knock us over when we walk through heaven's gates.