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Abby3/31/88- 11/23/04


Abby, Abby Dabby Do, Crazy Crocodile, Wild Thing, Our Little Girl,

Abby was 3 years old when we rescued her from a man who kept her in a cage, in a garage for 23 hours a day. She soon took over our house, jumping up on the bed or couch the second we turned our backs. She even would jump up on our car and sunbathe on the hood. Thus starting our expression, “White Bulldogs can jump”. Abby would bark at us for hours making the most extraordinary growling noises you would ever hear. She ruled the neighborhood with her “Bulldog Patrols”, barking and dashing at anything that moved. Driving anywhere in the truck was first on her list.

She was just shy of 17 years old, if ever a dog had 9-lives, this was the one. Her Doctor said she had the heartbeat of a 7 year old dog. Abby grew out of her “puppy stage” at about 12 years old, she then became deaf and at 14 was almost blind. She fought on for almost 3 more years.

She was a real trooper, never giving up. In the latter years, her favorite past-time was lying between us on the couch. Words can never describe what she meant to us or how much we miss her.

Goodbye “Little Running White Bear”

Phil and Nona