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Available Bulldogs

Tips on using this page:
Bulldogs that are ready for adoption are listed according to the US state where the Bulldog is located. If you live near the border of a state, you may want to check for Bulldogs in the neighboring states.

If you do not find a Bulldog in your area, that may not mean that there are none -- many Bulldogs may be available for adoption that are not posted here. Some of our volunteers prefer to search the online applications for suitable adopters before posting the Bulldog as available for adoption. So if you are genuinely interested in adopting a rescued Bulldog, please fill out the online application so that you can be contacted if/when a Bulldog is available for you.

Click on the column headings to sort the list by Name, City or Date Posted within a state. Click on the dog's name to view a picture and get more details.

To express interest in adopting a particular Bulldog, please use the contact information shown for that dog. Please do not contact us about adopting a Bulldog posted here if you do not live within the area where the Bulldog is shown as available. We place limits on how far a Bulldog can travel to the new home for many reasons. We will not ship Bulldogs to anyone.

If you want to help the Bulldogs waiting for adoption, you can make a donation to help pay the vet bills. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Name City State Date Posted Posted By
MusamiQueen CreekAZ2012-10-01
Dozer-adoption pendingOrange CountyCA2014-04-22Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
OZZIESacramentoCA2014-04-21Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue
JerryOrange CountyCA2014-04-21Southern California Bulldog Rescue
CesarOjaiCA2014-04-20SoCal Bulldog Rescue
Stella ADOPTION PENDINGLA CountyCA2014-04-20Southern California Bulldog Rescue
KAYDEE SacramentoCA2014-04-17Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue
HIGHWAY MAN*Adoption PendSacramentoCA2014-04-17Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue
Buster ADOPTION PENDINGLA CountyCA2014-04-16Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Coco ADOPTION PENDINGAzusaCA2014-04-15Southern California Bulldog Rescue
RupertLA CountyCA2014-04-14Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Gunner- adoption pending TemeculaCA2014-04-12Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Camilla & Junior (Pair)Orange CountyCA2014-04-10Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
BellaSanta AnaCA2014-04-09Southern California Bulldog Rescue
TrixieOrange CountyCA2014-04-09Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
HarryOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Miss Bella - ADOPTION PENOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
Jack Orange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
Tootsie RollOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Maxine Orange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
OreoOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Winston ADOPTION PENDINGOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern California Bulldog Rescue
BluOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Daisy RueOrange CountyCA2014-04-07Southern California Bulldog Rescue
LilyInland EmpireCA2014-04-02Southern California Bulldog Rescue
BRUISERSacramentoCA2014-04-02Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue
Beau - ADOPTION PENDINGSanta AnaCA2014-04-01Southern California Bulldog Rescue
MaggieSan DiegoCA2014-03-30San Diego Bulldog Rescue
BabooAzusaCA2014-03-26Southern California Bulldog Rescue
ChesterOrange CountyCA2014-03-25Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
BritneySan DiegoCA2014-03-22San Diego Bulldog Rescue
MillieSan Diego CA2014-03-07San Diego Bulldog Rescue
Jake-on Medical HoldSan DiegoCA2014-03-07San Diego Bulldog Rescue
Snow White Los AngelesCA2014-03-05Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
Lola Culver PasadenaCA2014-02-25Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
Jimmy Los AngelesCA2014-02-25Southern CA Bulldog Rescue
ZeusLA CountyCA2014-02-23Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Tuco-Adoption PendingSan DiegoCA2014-02-21San Diego Bulldog Rescue
Pending Trial Period NormSanta AnaCA2014-02-20Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Oskar Inland EmpireCA2014-02-18Southern California Bulldog Rescue
MargeNear SacramentoCA2014-02-01Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue
PhoebeSanta AnaCA2014-01-23Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Daisy DooOrange CountyCA2014-01-15Southern California Bulldog Rescue
RoxyLA CountyCA2014-01-08Southern California Bulldog Rescue
Butkis-updateSF PeninsulaCA2013-11-06Nor Cal Bulldog Rescue
HoraceSan Diego, CACA2013-09-04San Diego Bulldog Rescue
MakenaSan Diego, CACA2013-09-04San Diego Bulldog Rescue
DaisySan Diego, CACA2013-09-04San Diego Bulldog Rescue
ChesterSan DiegoCA2013-04-25San Diego Bulldog Rescue
Phat BoyHonoluluHI2014-04-21Bulldog Rescue of Hawaii
VonnDes MoinesIA2013-08-15Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
Myrtle (Formerly Madame XTolonoIL2014-04-08Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
WinstonDeKalbIL2014-04-08Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
MugsyOlneyIL2014-03-27Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
***Hank***ADOPTED!ChicagoIL2014-03-21adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
***Karma***ADOPTEDChicagoIL2014-03-19adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
***Rae***ADOPTEDChicagoIL2014-03-19adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
***CoCo Chanel***ADOPTEDChicagoIL2014-03-17adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
***Puggy***ADOPTED***ChicagoIL2014-03-17adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
Baby BentelyJolietIL2014-03-11Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
Bleu SteelChicagoIL2014-02-27adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
BaileyChicagoIL2014-02-27adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
WendyChicagoIL2014-02-26adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
ElmoChicagoIL2014-02-26adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
SophieChicagoIL2014-02-26adoptaBull english bulldog rescue
LunaChicagoIL2014-02-18Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
SadieDecaturIL2014-02-18Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
VickiGeorgetownIL2014-01-04Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
BentleyJolietIL2014-01-04Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
BaileyDecaturIL2013-10-22Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
JasKnoxIN2014-02-10Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
JasperPaducahKY2014-03-21Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
SpikeLewistonME2014-04-20Long Island Bulldog Rescue
RoxyRochesterMI2014-03-23Detroit Bulldog Rescue
GibsonFarmingtonMI2014-03-23Detroit Bulldog Rescue
Mason - Medical Hold UntiRichmondMI2014-03-23Detroit Bulldog Rescue
ChelseaHollandMI2014-01-18Detroit Bulldog Rescue
HopeSt. LouisMO2014-04-06St Louis Bulldog Rescue
PennySpringfieldMO2014-02-03Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
MamieSpringfieldMO2013-12-02Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
BaronRenoNV2014-04-20Northern Nevada Bulldog Rescue
WinstonRenoNV2014-01-22Northern Nevada Bulldog Rescue
JDRenoNV2013-05-09Northern Nevada Bulldog Rescue
BubbaNortheastern OhioOH2014-02-03Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs
MaddieCleveland - West SideOH2013-11-04Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs
LillyOklahoma CityOK2014-04-17Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
Buddha*****NO KIDS*****OKLAHOMA CITYOK2014-04-17Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
PudgeOklahoma CityOK2014-04-17Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
PercyOKLAHOMA CITYOK2014-03-12Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
RussellOKLAHOMA CITYOK2014-03-12Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
WendyOKLAHOMA CITYOK2014-03-12Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
TootsieStillwater/YukonOK2014-01-13BCARN Central Oklahoma
PebblesTulsa SurroundingOK2013-09-16BCARN In Tulsa
Strudel ADOPTED ! ! !KnoxvilleTN2014-03-25Smoky Mountains Bulldog Club
Buford **ADOPTED ! ! KnoxvilleTN2014-03-17Smoky Mountains Bulldog Club
Bruno -- Adoption PendingKnoxvilleTN2014-02-16Smoky Mountains Bulldog Club
Titan -- ADOPTION PENDINGCharlestonWV2013-02-20BCARN in Maryland/West Virginia