Pheona Courtesy Listing

Status: Adoption Pending
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Location: Southern California, CA

Reason given up for adoption: Stray
Temperament: Good
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: No
Special Needs: No

About Pheona:
She is a rescue that had been on the streets for 24 hours or more. The people that found her were unable to take her in because of their own dogs and work schedule. No one knew who she belonged to. Animal control hadn’t picked her up either. We knew at this point we were the ones to help and felt God telling us to go get her off the streets. We went to pick her up as it was getting very dark and it’s a good thing we did too because we learned later that there were coyotes around the location she was in! One more night out alone could have been deadly to this dog. We tried to locate her owners through animal control and other ways with NO success. Animal Control told us she has become our property. It was obvious she’s had puppies and our vet said she at least had two litters but she is so amazing, sweet tempered, and well trained! The vet estimates her to be two years old. She has now been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, a tumor was removed from her mammary glands, she will be microchipped, she has been professionally groomed, and given a clean bill of health by our vet. We are boarding her until a great home can be found. Understand that all this has taken a good bit of money and her adoption fee will help to cove only some of this. Taking adoption applications now at She loves people and wants to be inside with them but loves to run outside to play. She’s a happy dog that had calm moments but will also get up and play ball with you like crazy. The next moment she can be calmly laying at your feet to be petted. She has been tested with chickens and she’s great with them and hasn’t even tried to chase them. We have tested her with horse, pigs, goats, cats, small and large dogs, and she's been tested in groups of children too and she's great. She is fully crate trained and will happily sleep quietly for hours inside her crate or in your bed. She is potty trained in the house. She can even use a doggie door. This is a GREAT family dog that just wants to be with you and loved. She is leashed trained as well. She is being fostered in Apple Valley California. You can call 760-713-6472 or visit to send in your adoption application. Thank you

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