Status: Adoption Pending
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Location: St. Louis, MO

Reason given up for adoption: Two big dogs beating her up
Temperament: Good with smaller male dogs
Health Condition: excellent
Placement Limitations: Would love a fenced yard
Special Needs: No

Skylar is a big 60lb girl with the biggest ears ever! She lived with a Mastiff and a Bull Mastiff girls and she was low man in the house. She was beaten up regularly by the big girls and it was not an ideal situation for her.

She is being fostered with a male bulldog who is about her size and they are best friends. However, the Boxer who visits occasionally who is taller than Skylar is the object of nastiness from Skylar. She is wonderful with the 2 year old human visiting child.

Skylar is also a runner! She would really love a fenced yard so she can romp and play. She is only 18 months old, so she is still a puppy and needs to have good supervision, as she has been known to snatch things that are not hers and treat them as toys.

She is an active sweet girl who loves to go on walks and rides in the car.

Please have an application on file. We only adopt within a 1 hour drive of St. Louis MO.

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