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Status: Available
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Location: San Diego, CA

Reason given up for adoption: Change in Family Dynamics
Temperament: Only pet at this time.
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: Local adoption and as only pet.
Special Needs: No

For our friends and supporters in San Diego.. we're looking for an only dog home for a great bulldog.

Charlotte is being rehomed as an only pet and not getting along with her male companion in the home. She is good with children and people.

We have learned that she was born in December of 2010, so she is 6 yrs old but will be turning 7 soon.

When she was younger she obviously lived peacefully with the other bulldog in the home. It breaks my heart to think of how far she has fallen with regards to her position in the family.

I feel she is capable of rehabilitation, but we still will be looking for a home without other dogs just to be safe.

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Applications and home checks required for adoptions.

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