Status: Adopted
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Location: Omaha, NE

Reason given up for adoption: Owner surrender
Temperament: Gentle, velcro-dog once she becomes familiar with you. Ruby loves to give kisses but can be nervous in new situations. She chooses to hide herself in a corner rather than lashout.
Health Condition: Currently has dry eyes, dry coat and overweight. Working to gain strength in legs. Teeth are worn but in good shape. Positive for whipworm, HW negative!
Placement Limitations: Experienced owner who will be able to patiently show Ruby love, allowing her to become a confident dog.
Special Needs: Yes

Ruby's foster joined a very popular club in rescue--the foster fail club! They are happy to welcome this gorgeous girl into their home permanently.

Ruby is on a strict weightloss regimen! As she becomes more confident, walks will increase and hopefully help her to shed some insulation! She currently does not seem to enjoy walking much and walks as though she spent quite a bit of time in a small kennel.

Ruby will remain in foster until she learns how good life can be--she's currently on medications for her eyes, coat and the whipworms. She will also need to be spayed and have entropian surgery prior to adoption. Watch for new updates!

Applicants must be willing to come to Omaha for adoption and there is an adoption fee for this dog. Please send a Facebook message or email if applying for this dog.

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