Lilly Bell

Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Location: Chicago, IL

Reason given up for adoption: Family overwhelmed by care
Temperament: sweet, gets along with other dogs and children
Health Condition: good
Placement Limitations: not many stairs; willing to provide midday potty break
Special Needs: No

Hi! I’m Lilly Bell, a 6 year old former puppy mill mama. I am a big mama (almost 60 lbs. of love; not fat, just svelte); you know, cute bulldog gal! I came to adoptaBull through a family that tried hard to get me totally healthy after my puppy mill start and then a purchase by my first “caring” owner who continued to breed me! But my surrender family was a bit overwhelmed by my care and didn’t understand that tail pockets can be very tricky and prone to infection. They were able to clear up my ear infections, keep all my cute wrinkles clean and have me spayed and hernias fixed. I’m still not quite sure how to communicate my need to potty. My foster parents take me out several times a day, but deviations have resulted in a couple of accidents.

I’m what people refer to as a “couch potato” and “Velcro dog.” I will eat up lots of attention and love having my sides scratched and petted. Hang with me all you want. I get along fine with other dogs. I notice loud noises and some quick actions and they startle me. I pretty much like everyone, including kids. I’m a bit nervous about getting into a car, but once I get in, I like the ride. I’d love a family who would play with me. Oh, and for grins, I love to make sounds like a rooting pig! For now, I take naps and dream of that special family who will see me, fall in love and take me home! I hope my dream comes true.

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