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Status: Available
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Location: Southern California, CA

Reason given up for adoption: Shelter Surrender
Temperament: Excellent
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: No stairs; kids 10+
Special Needs: No

Let’s be honest, Nori is kind of a tough sell. He’s 7, he’s grumpy, he’s got a hunchback, and he thinks the world revolves around him. He’s learned the not-so-subtle art of flopping over to the ground if he doesn’t want to do something. He is 60 pounds of solid muscle that is tough to get moving when he doesn’t want to. He’s a diva who wants to spend the entire day lying in the yard in the sun. He expects treats constantly. He wants attention and cuddles but only on his terms, and he expects you to read his mind and know what he needs. He makes the most stubborn bulldogs look easygoing in comparison. He’s a real piece of work. He knows some commands and is in training classes learning more, but he will pretend that he doesn’t know them unless you have treats. He’s a master manipulator. If strangers come to the house, even friendly strangers, Nori might try to bite their feet. It’s best to just keep him on a leash when people come over, just to be safe. He loves to go on walks, but he is literally the slowest dog you will ever meet. He is painfully slow. It takes 20 minutes to go around the block. Interestingly, he can move fast when he’s halfway across the yard and he thinks you have a treat, or if you’re at the park and you say it’s time to go home but he hasn’t finished peeing on all the trees. He knows when you want to go home, and that’s when he starts running in the opposite direction. He’s got an old man bladder, so he can’t always hold it through the night. That means his owner will need to be comfortable getting up around 2 am to let Nori out, or be ok with pee pads and towels. That also means he can’t be left home alone for too long during the day. If he sees you leaving for a car ride without him, he will try to scurry outside so that he gets to go too. Then he’ll wait by the car for you to lift him up like the prince that he is. Oh, and no stairs for this guy.
BUT he’s absolutely hilarious, he’s got a big personality, and he has the cutest face you’ll ever see. He’s an amazing big brother to his two foster sisters. They want to snuggle with him all day, and even though one of them isn’t always nice to him, he is always completely forgiving and he never fights back. He protects them when they’re scared, and he doesn’t mind sharing his food or his toys. He’s been good with 90% of the dogs he’s met in public. We think he’d be fine with cats. He genuinely loves his people, and he greets you with the cutest, stubbiest little tail wag. Deep down he’s a sweetheart, despite his gruff exterior.
So in sum, consider adopting Nori if you work from home, have a yard, don’t have stairs, have a lot of patience, don’t have a male dog, don’t mind getting woken up at 3 am, enjoy leisurely strolls around the block, and don’t have a lot of visitors. We tell him all the time, he’s really just coasting by on his good looks.

There is an adoption fee for this dog. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is microchipped.

This dog will only be adopted to residents of Southern California. Apply to adopt at Please see the 'Apply to Adopt' link on this website to complete an application; we will not respond to inquiries that do not have an application on file. We will not ship dogs.

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