Status: Available
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Location: Southern California, CA

Reason given up for adoption: Shelter Surrender
Temperament: Excellent
Health Condition: Good
Placement Limitations: No stairs; kids 10+
Special Needs: No

Hi! My name is Nori and I was recently saved from the shelter by SCBR. I am about 6 years old.

Nori is a very good boy who was SO excited to get out of the kennels, where he'd been living for months, and into a foster home. He's friendly, affectionate, loyal, protective, treat-motivated, and stubborn like all bullies. Nori is in a foster home with another dog. They get along great. Nori does try to dominate her, but he has no problem when she puts him in his place and tries to dominate him. He turns submissive quickly, and he's never aggressive. He would be fine in a home with another dog as long as the other dog doesn't mind Nori trying to dominate occasionally. He has no food or toy aggression. He likes to cuddle with his foster sister.

Nori's favorite way to pass the time is to lay in the sun. He would lay in the sun all day if he could, but he needs to be watched so he doesn't overheat or get sunburned. Short periods of time in the sun are ok, but then he should be brought in to cool off. He also loves to patrol the yard. He eats a lot of grass, so that needs to be watched also. He's a bit of a guard dog and barks at everyone that passes by the yard or tries to come in--even people he knows. But he's all talk. As soon as someone enters the yard and says hi to him, he quiets down and wags his little tail. He also gets super excited when his foster mom comes home. This is a dog that was so happy to have a home again after months in the kennels.

Nori does have trouble with stairs because his shoulders are so far forward. He has a very short neck, which seems to give him a little difficulty with stairs. He loves going on walks but probably shouldn't be taken too far. He can go around the block fine, but he is very slow. He also loves car rides. He settles right down in the back seat and takes a nap. He's not a very active dog, but he does occasionally get playful and tries to wrestle with his foster sister. He knows sit, shake, and down. He'd probably be fine with kids. He's not a jumper (he can't jump because of his shoulders). He's a very easy dog to take care of. He had no trouble transitioning into his foster home. Mostly Nori just wants to hang out, be comfortable, and give his owner all the love in the world. He loves people so much, and he wants to be a loyal best friend. He would make a great addition to anyone looking to add a mellow, loving, and easy-going dog to their family.

There is an adoption fee for this dog. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is microchipped.

This dog will only be adopted to residents of Southern California. Apply to adopt at Please see the 'Apply to Adopt' link on this website to complete an application; we will not respond to inquiries that do not have an application on file. We will not ship dogs.

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