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Status: Adopted
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Location: Kansas City , MO

Reason given up for adoption: Owner Surrender
Temperament: Good
Health Condition: Fair
Placement Limitations: No Stairs
Special Needs: Yes

Tank is 9 years young and just a lovebug! His family was having financial troubles and could not provide the care that he so much needs. He had not been to the dr in years. He went to see Dr Becker today and we found that he had two torn ACLs that he has had for years. By now he has learned to adjust to the tears and surgery is not recommended. The Dr assured us he is not in pain he just walks pretty slow and would rather lay around and be the king he deserves. He also has a bit of dry eye but other than that this boy is amazing. He likes other dogs and cats. Soon he will be looking for a retirement home with minimal/No stairs and someone to love him and never give up on him.

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